Selfhelp with mental illness


One report says that the majority of deaths last year are due to suicide. The percentage of suicide is also high in youths (18-24years). This number is going high each year. This is happening all over the world. After reaching such alarming rates, the governments and other centers are taking some measure to control the rate of suicide.


Drugs and alcohol


Many kids get the habit of drugs and alcohol, in their early teens. They are growing up seeing their parents do it, and think that nothing is wrong in their part also. Especially in countries like U.S, Canada and in some European countries, this is happening. When they get into these habits, they don’t know to keep their limits. They also become addicted to these habits. These habits will eventually take their lives.When these people go to rehabilitation centers and get cured also, the view of the society does not change that easily. They have to endure all that. For that they should also be mentally strong.


Mental illness


With the tension in work, job insecurity, lifestyle, etc. many people have depression, anxiety disorder, etc. When these illnesses are not treated, it might lead to other dangers. The person suffering from some sort of mental illness should be treated. Mental illness is not like physical illness. If you are not feeling well physically or have some injury in body, then you can know it easily and take the necessary treatment.


But when your mind is affected, it cannot be found out easily. Even though you can find with some symptoms, you cannot be sure. Also not many people will accept that they are not feeling well mentally and go for the necessary treatments. These may be due to many reasons. The main reason for this will be that the society will look at them differently after that and they would have to face some sort of segregation after that. People don’t realize that segregation will not help them. These should be made known to the common man.




Lot of campaigns are being done make people have better understanding about mental illness and the treatments done. People should realize that those affected by mental illness is same like them. Getting treated for mental illness is same as getting treated for some physical illness that you might have. When they are treated and cured for the illness, there is no need to keep away from them. Campaigns are also being conducted to create awareness among the people who are mentally ill, to keep away from suicide. When they meet some people who have overcome their illness and are living a peaceful life, they also get some confidence to get treated and lead a successful life. There is a need to conduct large number of these campaigns.




There are some mental illness centers that conduct courses for volunteers to become Aiders. These volunteers go to offices, churches, schools, colleges, etc. and meet people. They get an opportunity to meet people individually and talk to them about their problems. These volunteers are taught five main things to follow when talking to someone they doubt to be mentally ill.


They are:


Assess the risk of suicide or harm in that person.Listen to whatever they say non-judgmentally.Give the person reassurance about life and also necessary information they need.Encourage them to get professional help.Also encouraging them to try some self-help strategies.


All these should be followed by them. In case that they fear that any particular person is unstable, then it is better that they ask the doctor to meet that person. When you come to know or doubt seriously that your friend or neighbor or someone you know of Is not doing good and suspect them to do anything drastic, then it is better that you inform the police and also the doctors. It is better thing to do than to be sorry when something drastic has happened. Similarly people with mental illness should also be encouraged to get proper treatment for their condition. If left alone, it would only get worse. These people will go through enormous change if they can talk about their problems to someone. This helps them get more relaxed and free in their mind. This is then main thing in treating mental illnesses.

Mental Illness

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